Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick trip to Boise Idaho

For Labor Day Weekend we decided spur of the moment to go to Boise to visit and see my sister's new gorgeous house. When we were there we did a little craft store shopping, went out to eat at a delicious mexican restaurant, went swimming at a huge water park (sorry no pictures taken there, pictures of me in a swimsuit = A VERY BAD IDEA), did more shopping, walked to a fishing pond, and went on a tour of the old Idaho State Prison. Here are a few pictures taken in the prison.

I needed a new profile picture of me for my photography!

The last day we were there my sister and I went winter cloths shopping for our little boys and I came across the cutest "matching" shirts for my little guys. Photo shoot of them in those shirts is currently on my to do list. (I can't wait:)


Wes, Nicki, and Boys said...

You are such an awesome photographer!! I always love the pictures you post of your family! These ones all look great as always!! I am glad you had fun on your trip!

Sherry Saville said...

Cute stuff!

MJ said...

Wow! Gorgeous pictures! You do a great job!