Friday, May 29, 2009

What do I do while camping?

These are cute blocks with the 9 B's. Thanks Mandie for bringing them for us to do! I LOVE EM:)

These are cute flower magnets that my ward did for a craft night. I was busy helping with another craft that night so I wasn't able to make these then. So us girls made them while we were camping:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


this year we had a Pirate theme!

My parents put together a big Treasure Hunt for us all. We had to hike up hills, 4-wheeler around the mountains, cross the lake, drive several miles, and dig for our treasure. We had 6 "mini" treasures that we found that gave us more clues to our "big" treasure. This picture is of us after we found our first treasure by 4-wheelers and digging. The whole hunt took us around 12 hours!
Our final treasure was a treasure chest full of Gold and Silver! (Sacajawea dollars and jewelry)

This is how Payton looked the entire 4-day weekend! He made sure he was ready for 4-wheeler rides AT ALL times.

All the kids got to make marshmallow shooters! Most of them kept eating their ammo. (Kylie especially)

This here is my dad, AKA, Captain Jim!

We had a pinata for the kids...
Payton needs to learn how to hold a bat! He didn't do any damage to our pirate.
The kids with their loot.
By this last picture you'll understand that I need to stop blogging and go do laundry.
Thanks mom and dad, and everyone else for making this a memoriable Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trying something new...AGAIN...

I'm trying something new and this all started with the idea to give a Temple picture for my Mom for Mother's Day. Instead of paying $500 at Deseret Book I decided to take a picture myself. After it was printed and framed, I had some interest in it and have been selling a few of my pictures. I just got word today that I get to sell my pictures at the Logan Summer Fest on June 18th, 19th, and 20th! I'm just a little excited:) You can view my work at: Or, click on the link under "My Blogs" in the right hand column of this page!

Feedback will be greatly appreciated!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free KFC dinner!

or go to

If you haven't heard, Oprah is giving every one a free dinner at KFC. You can only download the coupon today and tomorrow, and it is good for 2 weeks! Gee, I wonder what to do for dinner tomorrow?