Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dinosaur Park

We went to the dinosaur park in Ogden, Ut with family. We got there around 3:55pm and we stood in line for a few minutes, then when we went to pay they told us it was free that day from 4-8pm! We didn't complain at all:)

Diggin for dinosaur bones with his cousins.

Here's Zack-er-oni just chillin in the stroller. (He is such a trooper)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Payton got hooked up! This was his second bag of cotton candy that he won. With the help of mom and dad and grandpa he was able to trade in his tickets and get a chuck-e-cheese football, basketball, and hammer.
You know the saying "where a kid can be a kid".......

Oh Zackers...we just love your cuteness

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We got to go to Yellowstone with my sister and her family and my mom and dad. Such a near perfect picture to end our little vacation, the only things missing were Conrad, Mandie, Maycie, and Jaxon. (we missed you guys!)

These three boys would chase the squirrels around our campground into the holes and then wait for them to poke their heads back out.

We got to have a picnic across the street from these elk. (also, this here is our new car due to a small accident that totaled our old car)

Thanks mom and dad for the nice little vacation! We were so glad you could come with us and be troopers in the freezing tents with us. I think our next vacation should be somewhere warmer...BAHAMAS?!?
Every time I take a picture that I think is cute all I can think is..."crap, now I have to scrapbook that" Yep, I'm a little behind on that hobby:)

Monday, August 17, 2009

I woke up with a smile

No pictures...sorry...I wasn't thinking about pictures, I was enjoying the moment.

Today, as most days, Payton woke up before me and he was roaming the house. He's very good to play with his toys and not get into any trouble. He often likes to go in Zack's room and play with him. Today, I heard Zack crying so I forced myself out of bed. I heard little noises in the kitchen so I walked in quietly and slowly. There I found Payton, this is what he had done, and was doing. He had gotton himself on the bar via a bike and got Zack's formula container, then he had opened it and also found a bottle and opened it. He put all the remaining formula in the bottle and put the lid back on both the bottle and formula container. (that's what was done, now this is what I witnessed) Then he grabbed a towel out of the cupboard and wiped up all the powdered mess and put the towel back in the cupboard. He then turned around and saw me, he smiled and grabbed the bottle and ran to Zack saying, "ZACK, bottle, here you go, ZACK bottle... I'm comin".

Moral of the story,
I think my kids may survive without me, my work here is done! Except, Zack appreciated it when I added water to his bottle.