Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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I've been tagged to name the top ten reasons of what I love about my children.

I LOVE hearing Payton say his prayers. It sounds gibberish but occasionally we hear a word or two. Especially if we pray to say thanks for his toys and his CARS!!!

I LOVE that Zack slept until 4 am this morning. (the night before he was awake from 11pm-8am, no lie, no tiny, AWAKE) But the Lord knows how much we can handle and that is why I love that he slept a lot last night!

I LOVE how much Payton is in love with his dad. It used to annoy me that he would ALWAYS choose Robert over me, but I've grown to absolutely love how excited Payton is to see his dad.

I LOVE that Payton is starting to get addicted to tv and movies. (what is she thinking) seriously? Yes, I love that he can give his attention to something else other than me or Robert 24/7. And, I don't have to entertain him if Diego or Tigger can.

I LOVE that at night Zack will scream forever until I go up to him and kiss him and he instantly falls asleep by my kiss. The screaming I hate, but to know that he just needed a kiss from mom...I LOVE.

I LOVE when Payton is screaming and crying and all I say is "Do you want chocolate milk" he will stop crying to say "K" then continue screaming. It is so cute to watch him stop crying to squeeze out the word "K" meaning yes. (I don't give him the chocolate milk until his is done crying...most the time)

I LOVE how when we say it's bedtime, Payton grabs his binki, blanki, and sippy and crawls up in his bed and lays down and folds his arms.

I LOVE that after every pray he throws his arms up after we say amen, and then he puckers up for a kiss. (Robert kisses me after every family or dinner prayer, that is where Payton got it from)

I LOVE when I am burping Zack he always holds his strong little head up and looks at me. The angle his face is to mine melts my heart every time.

I LOVE nap time!!! (I'm normal to admit it)

I tag anyone who wants to reflect on what they love about their children. I smiled the whole time I was posting this blog.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My photography blog

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're back from Orlando, FL

The airplane ride was so fun. We went on a total of 4 airplanes and Payton only cried for about 10-15 minutes on 1 flight. Him and Zack did so good through the whole trip and we had them out and about til at least 12am every night.

We went to Orlando for the National Real Estate Convention and they rented out the entire Universal Studios for just the Realtors and their families. We went there and it was so much fun. The longest we stood in line was for maybe 10 minutes. Payton and Zack got to go on about 4 rides with us.

We stayed in a pool home. It was so nice to be able to put the boys down for a nap and walk out the back door and the pool was just feet away. There was screens around everyones pool to keep the mosquito's out and the lizards would crawl everywhere on them.

We went to the ocean so I could get my sunset picture with palm trees and so Robert could go swimming for his first time in the ocean. Someone told us there had been 18 bites this year so I chose not to get in. On a pier close to us my brother and sister-in-law witnessed someone catch a small shark while Robert was swimming. YIKES!!!

Notice Robert in the background posing for the camera.

We also went to Wonder World, went shopping, went to the Universal City Walk, and just enjoyed being away.
We did have fun and wish we were still there.