Monday, June 22, 2009

Camping, Summerfest, nothing

The second week in June we went camping with the Brown family at our cabin. We went on lots of 4-wheeler rides on the 1 warm day we had and enjoyed each others company indoors the rest of the time because of the weather.

It was a little chilly as you can see below:

The third week in June, I spend endless hours getting ready for the SummerFest!!! This was the night before making sure everything looked saleable:) I had a blast and it was the most amazing feeling to see the way people reacted to my work. I want to thank my amazing husband for the countless hours he spent helping me with the whole project, to my parents for helping design and build the frames and the many, many, many hours of babysitting, to my sister Audrie for babysitting and helping me with all the magnets, grandpa and grandma Brown for babysitting Payton, and Stu for letting me share the booth with him! And I want to thank all my friends and family that came and supported me even in the rain. You guys all ROCK!

And now this is the fourth week in June and I get to do nothing but, sit and do NOTHING:)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First tooth and a puppy

Zack got his first tooth the day he turned 8 months. He's a cutie!

Grandma Brown is getting a puppy!!! We got to go pick it out with her, and this is the one she will get in a few weeks. We'll be spending lots of time with grandma when she gets this little thing. I think puppies are just about the cutest thing EVER!