Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday drive

I'm not normally the kind of person that takes pictures of scenery without people. But, I got caught in the moment.

All the red in the water are salmon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We are the Champions my friends...and we'll keep on running til the end...

Here's to my first race!!! I told you all a year ago that you would see sweet sexy pictures of me running a race instead of pictures of Robert. Well, I did it:)
This is me the night before the race sporting my race shirt and number!!!
These two are who I joined the race with and why I did the race. Thanks Sherrie, for running with me bright and early to prepare for this. Thanks Christi for finding the race and being the first to sign up!!!

This is me around mile 2...the picture is blurred because I am running soooooo fast;)
The other girlies running super fast too!
Did I mention I ran the WHOLE way:)
This is how we felt after the race...
j/k that was our pretend faces...this was how we really felt after the race!!!
Would I do it again??? IN A HEARTBEAT! Thanks again girls for the great girls night out last night and the fabulous race! Go TOU!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick trip to Boise Idaho

For Labor Day Weekend we decided spur of the moment to go to Boise to visit and see my sister's new gorgeous house. When we were there we did a little craft store shopping, went out to eat at a delicious mexican restaurant, went swimming at a huge water park (sorry no pictures taken there, pictures of me in a swimsuit = A VERY BAD IDEA), did more shopping, walked to a fishing pond, and went on a tour of the old Idaho State Prison. Here are a few pictures taken in the prison.

I needed a new profile picture of me for my photography!

The last day we were there my sister and I went winter cloths shopping for our little boys and I came across the cutest "matching" shirts for my little guys. Photo shoot of them in those shirts is currently on my to do list. (I can't wait:)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Black and Orange

Yesterday I was COVERED in BLACK and ORANGE. BLACK from cleaning the canner which my camp chef turned BLACK. While washing and scrubbing the burnt "stuff" off the canner, I looked up to see the disaster I'd created. Did you know, that when you scrub BLACK stuff of a pan, it will SPRAY BLACK particles onto your blinds, counter tops, microwave, stove, cupboards, cloths, face, arms, floor, and ceiling? Then...when you go to clean those millions of BLACK particles, it will make them streak BLACK stuff everywhere causing the color BLACK to take over yourself and your kitchen. ORANGE came from the hundreds of PEACHES that were washed, boiled, cooled, peeled, cut, and bottled. Sorry Robert, I wore one of your blue shirts and it is now decorated and ready for HALLOWEEN:)

I still have a couple hundred peaches to wash, boil, cool, peel, cut, and can. My hands are RAW from yesterday, my floor is still sticky even after a good mop job, BLACK streaks and specs are still everywhere, and my (Roberts:( ) shirt is ruined, hum......maybe those peaches can decorate someone elses kitchen for the holiday. Anybody up for some BLACK and ORANGE in their kitchen?