Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Me: "What color is your horse?"
Him: "um...milk!"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have officially been assigned to a "leg" of the race. Out of 12 runners, 6 per vehicle, I am runner #4 and Robert is runner #1. I will be running the following "legs" of the race:
my first run will be 5.1 miles
my second run 6ish hours later will be 4.2 miles
and my last run 6ish hours later will be 3.8 miles.
Last week I reached a HUGE goal of mine and ran 5 stinkin' miles without stopping in under 1 hour...YEAH ME!!!
Now that I have my distance down, I need to work on multiple runs in 1 day. And, my last run is a steep down hill the whole time, so I will need to start training down hill...oh my poor knees are going to thank me for this.
I'm actually enjoying the running. I mix it up and go by myself, with my family, and with friends. A HUGE thank you to the inventors of the IPOD. It saves my life!
And...I'm working on getting me a shirt made for my race day...tune in later to see it:)