Tuesday, May 26, 2009


this year we had a Pirate theme!

My parents put together a big Treasure Hunt for us all. We had to hike up hills, 4-wheeler around the mountains, cross the lake, drive several miles, and dig for our treasure. We had 6 "mini" treasures that we found that gave us more clues to our "big" treasure. This picture is of us after we found our first treasure by 4-wheelers and digging. The whole hunt took us around 12 hours!
Our final treasure was a treasure chest full of Gold and Silver! (Sacajawea dollars and jewelry)

This is how Payton looked the entire 4-day weekend! He made sure he was ready for 4-wheeler rides AT ALL times.

All the kids got to make marshmallow shooters! Most of them kept eating their ammo. (Kylie especially)

This here is my dad, AKA, Captain Jim!

We had a pinata for the kids...
Payton needs to learn how to hold a bat! He didn't do any damage to our pirate.
The kids with their loot.
By this last picture you'll understand that I need to stop blogging and go do laundry.
Thanks mom and dad, and everyone else for making this a memoriable Memorial Day Weekend!


kate said...

I should go do laundry now too... Looks like a blast!! Your boys are ADORABLE.

Wes, Nicki, and Boys said...

Your parents are so creative to do that huge hunt for you!! That sounds like it was so much fun!

Hollie said...

Very cute. I am glad you had a fun weekend. It was good to see everyone. Your kids are adorable.

Sherry Saville said...

Looks a bit chilly? Seeing all that family makes me a bit homesick. Glad you had such a good time!