Sunday, June 1, 2008

Name update

So far in the lead is.............................Audrie with.......................Zack.

Audrie you are the best oldest sister ever... You think of the cutest names in the whole world. I would go on but the race doesn't end until October. You are not the winner yet!!!

Everyone keep trying and please leave a comment if you think of more. And Mandie, be careful, don't be giving us a name that you and Con would want to use in the future.


Hillery D said...

Chels, Hey I am so happy for you that it is another BOY! Since I have 3 the boys names came easy, and the 2 names we had narrowed down for our baby girl didn't make it in the end! But here are a couple of names that we had picked out over the years: Jacob, Justin, Koda, Michael Ray, Traysen, and Kyle. Anyways I am so happy for you both! Good Luck sweetie! You'll know when he comes what his name is! We had Maylee Dawn and Abbigail Janay picked out for our baby and her name is Kenadee Dawn. The only name that wasn't in the running until the week or two before she was born! So Good Luck!

kate said...

Wahoo! A baby boy, how exciting for a brother! I have to agree with Jessie, Bracken is our favorite too!! But! I love Ashton and Isaac and those will probaly never be one of ours cause close family has used 'em!