Friday, May 2, 2008

What Robert does in his spare time

This story is rated for adults only!!!

The truth about what Robert does on his spare time. On Robert's spare time he will go outside and play fetch with our dog Simba. That seems so nice of him but he will throw the toy up in a tree so that Simba can't get it. Yes, this is on purpose! You all have to understand how incredibly obsessed this dog is with "his" rope toy. He will jump and bark for hours, days (if we'd let him) to get this toy down. And Robert will just sit back and laugh at him.

Isn't this some type of pet abuse! I think it is so rude. I should just flaunt something Robert wants really bad in front of him (let say me!?!) and put an obstacle in between him and whatever it is he wants. Then, I would just stand back and laugh at him that no matter how hard he tries, no matter how much he wants it, no matter how much he complains, he is not going to get it. But, seeing that I am so nice and the best wife in the whole wide world I have never and will never do that to him. If he tells you otherwise, he is a liar!!!

Moral of the Story...I've never seen a mean side of Robert and I've always thought he was perfect. Now I know he has at least one flaw, I have witnessed him enjoy the suffering of another.

The End!!!

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Hollie said...

It was good to hear from you on my blog. I will add you to one of my favorites. Photography is so much fun! You will have a blast with it and it's journey. If you can think of any specific questions for me I would be glad to help. I was looking at some of your pictures and you are doing great!