Monday, May 19, 2008

Thank you Ebay

Ebay has saved our bums this year. With all our money and Robert's time going into his business we've needed (been desperate for) some extra dough. Last summer Robert had the idea to sell motorcycle stuff on ebay. He buys them from one place then sells them on ebay. At first it started as "play money", but quickly became "food on the table money". I never thought I would be using an ebay card to buy diapers!!?!! It's so true that if you live your life right and pay tithing, the Lord will bless you. Even though the pennies may be small some months at least there are pennies there right???

I am so grateful for the law of tithing and know that by living the law, that is what has really saved us.

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Michelle said...

I am right there with ya!

Besides being blessed time and time again from paying our tithes, Ebay has saved our tail too!