Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Memorial Day Weekend

Payton and I had a great weekend away from the messy house, unmowed lawn, and just being away for a couple days. We went to Bear Lake with all my family. We had great weather Saturday and Sunday. Monday was wet and rainy all day but hey, it's Memorial Day weekend what do you expect.
Robert's weekend wasn't as relaxing. The first night he woke up with a tooth ache, the next day he was sick all day, the next night he was up again with a tooth ache, then the day we were leaving he was chewing gum and burst something in his sore tooth. Ouch, he said he was in the worst pain he had ever been in his entire life. We got him to the dentist 4 hours ofter the pain started and found out that his resently worked on root canel got infected clear to the bone. He's now drugged up and feeling great! I felt so bad for him, what are you supposed to do with someone with a tooth ache in Bear Lake???
Maybe since this wasn't the best vacation for him I can talk him into another one soon!!!


Angie said...

You have a way cute blog! It will be fun to be able to stay in touch a little better.


Ginger said...

I'm sorry about the tooth ache...however, Payton's truck looks a lot like a Tonka Mighty Dump...which will not only hold your little guy, but our 6 year old daughter, too. Porter LOVES to push McKenzie around in his dump truck. Looks like some of you had fun, anyway!

The Smith's said...

that is way qt. Heard it was cold at the lake. Sweet we will look forward to seeing you in Aug. You gonna come to the temple with us?

The Smith's said...
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Angie said...

Ahh sorry to hear about Robert's bum tooth. Been there, done that and I can honestly say, "I FEEL YOUR PAIN"! There is nothing like it!! Hope your 100% soon. (Cute pics)

Michelle said...

Poor Robert! I feel bad for him too. I hope he gets it fixed soon.