Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Am I really this lame?

All I do all day is read...SERIOUSLY...
These following books have been and will continue to be my entertainment:
#1 The Book of Mormon
This is the first book I read to start off my day. I have a personal goal to finish it in a couple months. So far, so good!!!

Book #2 Gospel Principles
Since I teach Relief Society monthly, this is a book I read/study from every month. I am currently reading Chapter 6, if you have any teaching suggestions...COMMENT ON MY BLOG!

Book #3 The Lost Symbol

This is an interesting book...this is one of the books I get lost in while my 2 sweet boys take a nap during the day. This book has a few BIG words for me so I really have to concentrate to read it:)

Book #4 Two for the Dough
I LOVE murder mystery type books. yes. I am sick and twisted like that. This is my easy read. It's the kind of book that I can read while my kids are awake and running around me and yelling at me for juice or chocolate milk or yelling at me to put on a movie or yelling at me to play the computer. Yes, this is a book that I try and tune the above yelling out with.

And that's my post for the month! Boys are still sleeping so off I go to book #3.


Wes, Nicki, and Boys said...

I don't think you are lame!! Do whatever you can to keep your sanity!! Being a mother can be tough on your brain so it is great to relax with a good book!

ren said...

I wish I could read all day! I hope you're liking The lost Symbol...definitely some sketchy business going down there...I really liked it though!

Janelle Johnson said...

I loved The Lost Symbol...worth the effort to get through. Very thought-provoking.

kate said...

You are not lame! That is awesome! :) Glad I have a fellow reader!