Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Payton's Birthday

So, Payton's birthday was on Saturday and I am barley posting. You think that's sad. Payton still hasn't opened all his presents. He opened one on his birthday, and in my living room still sits the rest. We are really in no hurry. Hey, maybe I should just set them aside until next year!!! No, we've been busy and haven't been home long enough for him to sit with us and open the rest of his presents. I'm babysitting a niece and nephew Thursday so if they are not opened by then, they will be.

For Payton's birthday we took him to the Willow Park Zoo. He loves the big animals. (deer, elk, coyote, bob-cat, and monkeys) I think they remind him of his dog Simba. While at the zoo we took him to the playground and found out this kid l o v e s the swing. He giggled the entire time. After the day at the zoo we went to his and his cousin Tate's birthday party. He ate pizza and a full piece of cake. There were no crumbs left, he got every last piece.

That my friends and family was Payton's first birthday.


The Anderson Clan said...

Those are the cutest pics ever. How fun to scrapbook. Jaxon didn't even eat cake for his birthday because he was sick...BUMMER!

Tom and Audrie said...

Cute Pics!!! Glad we could share his birthday with you!!!