Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've been tagged

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1. I never miss an episode of "One Tree Hill"
2. I'm terrified of worms and I am dreading the spring rain that brings them to the surface
3. This morning I ate salt and vinegar chips for breakfast
4. When it comes time to put on a swimsuit, I try on 3 or 4 ten different times, then I end up covering the swimsuit up with shirts and shorts anyways. Why bother even wearing a swimsuit?!?
5. I LOVE movies (chick-flick, drama, thriller, comedy, horror, you name it)
6. I don't like to wear the color yellow.
7. I love to be tan (tan fat is way more attractive then white fat)

Dan and Laura
Jake and Erin
everyone else has probably already been tagged, Sorry if I missed you!


Tom and Audrie said...

The things I learn about my sister!!! Hope your breakfast was yummy!!!

Angie said...

I LOVE ONE TREE HILL TOO!!! And I missed it on Monday because i was driving home from Mesquite but you better believe I have the re-run set to record for sunday. YEAH!!!!