Monday, June 21, 2010

Ragnar Relay, Wasatch Back

This was our journey...

Here we are Friday, June 18 just before 10:30am at the starting line. Robert was runner #1 so he started us off. His first run was 8 miles.

Look who Robert is running the black SWAT shirt...

It's Sione from the Biggest Loser! He was at the starting line sending teams off and wishing us all luck! Here is Robert at the end of his 8 mile run. Doesn't he look good?!? This guy is an animal. He seriously is non-stop. He can go FOREVER!!!

Now it's my turn to run. It is 1:00pm and I am getting ready for my 1st run that was 5.1 miles. Words describing this run...HOT. That about sums it up.
Our van (truck) got done running around 4pm and we ate lunch/dinner and rested on the grass at some random grocery store in Eden.

Robert's second run was at 7:30pm and it was 8.5 miles DOWNHILL. He did so good! I was too busy dancing for him everytime he ran past me that I forgot to take pictures of him...opps.
My second run was at 10pm. It was 4.2 miles in the dark.
And YES, we had to wear a head lamp, vest, and a bum light in order to be allowed on the course.

There I am running to my finish. This run was a blast! I felt like I could have ran forever!!!
Saturday, June 19th.
Our vehicle was done around 2am and we were able to sleep (or lay down) in the truck at a school until 6am.
7:00am, here is Robert finishing his last run that was 5 miles.

here I am in the middle of my last run of 4 miles DOWNHILL. I enjoyed this run as well, BUT it was only supposed to be 3.8 miles and they changed it to 4 miles! GRRRRR... and the stinkin last .2 miles was a hill:(
Sounds silly, but after 13.1 miles and to think you are done and to look and see a hill and no finish line...let me NOT tell you the words I was thinking...
4:00pm, our team made it to PARK CITY!

Robert and I were spoiled by Robert's brother and his wife and they let us stay in a condo they had in Park City. After we were done, we were able to go Father's Day shopping, go to a nice dinner, sit in some wonderful hot tubs, and sleep in a BED! Thanks so much Ben and Sherrie!

Thank you mom and dad for babysitting my cute boys for 3 nights and almost 3 days. I think you may be more worn out than us...sorry!

Oh, and with my luck, I broke my toe this morning:( Good thing it was AFTER my race!


Andy Wegener said...

Congrats you two! Missy does all the running in our relationship... thanks Robert for making me look bad! :) I'm proud of you guys anyway.

Sherry Saville said...

Way to go! What an accomplishment. There are some sisters in my ward that are training for a half marathon...that seems to be quite the trend right now.